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Pre Orders

All of our pre orders are pre-allocated, which means we are guaranteed to get the items. Most company's will take orders then do their master order, which means you may be in a later wave of product.

What does this mean for me? 

What this means is that your order is already in the manufacturers system to ship to us before you buy. This ensures you get your item(s) as fast as possible and 99% of the time on the first wave of distribution.

We do this in small to medium batches to ensure our customers get everything first, even before some retail stores do.

How do Pre Orders work?

Example: Funko will announce a line of new Pop! figure, they send out a blitz to us to order before anyone else can. That's when they are taking orders on the first wave of the line.

Each line can have 3-8 waves in which they ship the products. We tend to always get in wave 1, so that we can get them out to you as fast as possible.

Sometimes we are unable to get into the first wave due to the popularity of the line or if the line includes chases, we might experience some delays.

Also, remember that Funko does not have hard release dates! Only release months and those release months can sometimes get pushed back.

Please have patience with us as we are at the mercy of Funko.

When will I be charged?

Because we do not store credit card information, we can not put a hold on your account for the order. You will be charged at the time of the order.

What if I order an In Stock item and a Pre Order?

We are now bundling orders to save our customers on shipping.

Example: If you order 1 Pop! due in September and 1 Pop! due in October, you will receive your order in October.

If you would like to receive your in stock items before your pre order, please place separate orders!