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About World Wide Shipping

Do you ship world wide?

We do indeed ship world wide, from Australia, to Russia, to Singapore we have shipped globally!

What is the cost of shipping?

Shipping is different for every country, most of our shipping for Funko Pop! or other similar items start at just $15 USD. This varies the more you order (On avg 3-4 items cost around $25-35 to ship globally).

How are items packed for international shipping?

We do our best to pack these extra carefully in crush tested boxes, if we can (shipping costs permitting) we even try to double box the items.

Can you give me an exact quote?

Email support will not be able to do this, we have the shipping system built into the core of our website based off product weights. All you have to do is add them to your cart to check the EXACT price you will pay!

What if I overpay for shipping?

This rarely happens, but if it does at the time of shipping if we see you over paid we will refund the difference at that time.

Why was I asked to verify my order?

This only happens for two reasons.

1. You are using a card that doesn't match the shipping country.

2. You are using a shipping forwarding service in the USA.

But doing these things requires us to verify a government issued ID or passport for us to be able to accept the order for our credit card processor.

(Please note: This is only for your first order, we will put a note on the account saying it's verified after)

Questions? Concerns? The best way to reach us is to email staff@capsulecorpcomics.com and we will make sure the correct people are connected to you for any help you may need!