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Pre Order Updates - Updated on 5/23/18

Funko Pop! Animation: Dragon Ball Z - Glow-in-the-Dark Super Saiyan Goku Entertainment Earth Exclusive Vinyl Figure - Originally set for February, Delayed until June.

No ETA or Estimated Shipment Month: Black Panther in Robe


January Releases

February Releases

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May Releases

Movie Moment Star Wars

Sailor Moon S1 Mystery Minis

Stranger Things Wave 5 - Steve and Billy in stock

Cuphead S1 Mystery Minis

June Releases

Deadpool on Scooter

Ouran High School

Moana - Te Ka and Te Fiti in Stock

Kidrobot Rick and Morty Figure

Baby Driver


Rainbow Brite

The Princess Bride

Coming to America

Super Saiyan Goku Entertainment Earth Exclusive - Delayed

Deadpool Parody - Deadpool as Ian Malcolm & Bob Ross in stock

WWE Series 8

Thanos + Iron Spider VYNL

Thanos FigPin

Iron Man FigPin

July Releases

Kidrobot City Cryptid Dunny Series

Kidrobot Wannabe 5” Dunny by Luke Cheuh

Kidrobot The Devil 8” Dunny by Godmachine

Kidrobot Rugrats Reptar Medium

Pickle Rick (No Limb) PX Exclusive

Sandman: Death PX Exclusive

Black Phillip

Spider Man FigPin

Super Saiyan Dog Super Saiyan Vegeta FigPin

Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Goku FigPin

August Releases

Kidrobot Astra and Orbit

Kidrobot Stellar Dream Scouts Mini Series

Rock Candy Evil Lyn

Dorbz Rick and Morty 2 Pack Specialty Series

Kidrobot 8" Cognition Enhancer Dunny

Squirrel Girl Specialty Series Dorbz

Hudson Specialty Series

Beerus FigPin

Goku Black FigPin

Summer Releases

Dota 2

Ant-Man and The Wasp

Jurassic World 2 

Black Panther W2